About us

Santorini’s first and only semi-private cruises offering gourmet 5 course meals created by renowned Sea Side Restaurant.

Aboard the classic luxury Motor Yacht “Oniro”, Greek for “Dream”, your dreams of living the good life in the Greek Islands will come true.

Choose from two cruises: a daytime cruise during which you can swim at Santorini’s spectacular beaches prior to lunch or a dinner cruise during which you will experience the magic of Santorini’s fabled sunsets.

During both, you will cruise the beautiful blue seas of the Aegean in luxury, survey the breathtaking vistas of Santorini, the caldera and the island’s ports and hilltop villages, sip handcrafted cocktails while relaxing on deck or in the lounge, enjoy a gourmet 5 course meal and receive complimentary transportation from and to your hotel.

Why us?

We are Santorini’s only semiprivate cruise on a classic luxury motor yacht.

To insure your comfort and safety, we limit the number of guests to 14 per cruise.

We are the only cruise offering 5 course gourmet meals.

All meals are entirely prepared on board ship using the finest and freshest ingredients available that day.

We offer gourmet 5 course meals created by renowned Sea Side Restaurant.

We serve fine champagnes, local wines, handcrafted cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and teas.

We provide luxury beach towels and snorkeling equipment.

Our affordable prices include all food and beverages, transportation from and to your hotel.